Angels pitcher Hector Santiago thought he'd try to successfully eat a mouthful of cinnamon.

Spoiler: He does not.

Failed this time !

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Laughter aside, Santiago's stunt is actually more dangerous than it appears. The Cinnamon Challenge he took on was at its popularity peak a couple of years ago, when it became a big trend among teenagers. Unfortunately, eating straight cinnamon courts certain risks: Throat irritations, coughing, accidental inhalation, and other respiratory problems have happened as a result of eating cinnamon spice.

In fact, dozens of people have been hospitalized for injuries as severe as collapsed lungs. So this definitely qualifies for the "Don't try this at home" disclaimer.

It turns out Santiago is a pretty prolific Instagram user. He toured NASA's Florida facilities and posted THIRTY-NINE photos of his trip to his account Thursday.

They're cool photos, sure. But someone needs to teach Hector how to use Instagram.

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