Tom Coughlin, the NFL's oldest coach, showed his age this week at the league's meetings in Arizona.

The 68-year-old revealed his knowledge of cell phones to a group of reporters, and it is "lacking" to say the least.

In an anecdote detailing his journey to his grandson's roller hockey game, Coughlin opened up about his profound distrust in Siri.

"Two weeks ago I'm trying to get to a roller hockey game that my grandson is playing in, so Marc Ross [the Giants' director of college scouting] had showed me how to talk to this phone," Coughlin told reporters. "I don't trust the lady in GPS, I don't trust her, because they don't send you the right way. I hit the button and I go 'Park Ridge, New Jersey.' And she comes back on, she's giving me directions.

"So now I figure out where I am. I hit the thing and I said, 'Thank you very much, I know exactly where I am now.' And she comes back and says, 'You don't have to thank me.' I swear to God that's what she said. And then I couldn't get her to shut up. Every turn. 'Take a right here.' I know where I am. I know where I am. I'm a block away from my house and she's telling me where to go. I said, 'I know where I'm going.'"

This almost sounds like a modern day version of "Who's on First?" Fortunately for Coughlin, he made it to his destination safely.

Coughlin said he uses his phone mainly for calls and texts, and if he has any questions his 11-year-old grandson and 11-year-old granddaughter are happy to help.

When asked, Coughlin espoused his theory as to why the younger generation is so adept at technology.

"When I was raised it was 'Don't touch that,' 'Don't break that,' 'Don't you dare,'" Coughlin said. "These guys, they have no fear of these things. They just go and they do it. They're probably reinforced by people saying, 'You can't hurt it.' I could hurt it. I defy all odds."

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