The first broken glass of Spring Training is here, and it comes at the expense of Tampa Bay Rays southpaw Drew Smyly.

The twist is that it was one of Smyly's own teammates who is responsible for the damage. Tampa Bay shortstop Tim Beckham, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2008 MLB draft, launched a batting practice home run over the left-field fence that landed squarely on Smyly's BMW.

Here's the damage:

When asked about the windshield, Beckham said he's hopeful that Smyly's insurance will kick in.

If Smyly's insurance can't cover it, Beckham should be able to find the funds for a replacement. He famously signed a $6.15 million signing bonus in 2008 and made $500,000 last year.

For his part, Smyly told reporters he learned his lesson:

"I'll find a new spot tomorrow."

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