Few celebrities associate with a city the way Ben Affleck is attached to Boston. The actor and director has appeared in numerous films set there and rose to fame alongside fellow Boston native Matt Damon.

Affleck is a huge Boston sports fan. This is not news. But thanks to his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, we have an idea just how fanatical he is. During a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show," Garner spilled the beans to Jimmy Fallon that her husband actually cried when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

"There were tears," Garner told host Jimmy Fallon. "Seriously, it was like the greatest moment of his life. It actually was, though. I birthed babies for him, and I still have never seen just the pure joy."

Garner didn't have quite the same reaction as her husband. After the couple's babysitting plans fell through, only one of them could attend the Super Bowl watch party with his friends. She let Affleck go ahead without her while she stayed home with their children.

"It was fine though," Garner said.

Previously, Affleck famously refused to wear a New York Yankees hat during the filming of "Gone Girl," eventually compromising with a New York Mets hat. He's converted his wife into a big Boston sports fan, particularly the Red Sox and Patriots -- but her support is no match for his emotional involvement.

Here's her spot on "The Tonight Show."

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