Criminals have infiltrated Washington D.C's Capitol Hill -- sort of. In reality, the threat is minor: It's just a bunch of kids dragging plastic sleds up the hill and enjoying the fresh snow.

But if the U.S. Senate will have you believe it, those children are in violation of established rules and a potential threat to national security.

Here is the scene outside Capitol Hill, which lawmakers have been clear in pointing out is "not an ordinary hill." Thanks for the clarification.

As you can see, it's complete anarchy. At first glance, you would think this is a movie still from the upcoming 'Hunger Games' movie.

And to make things even more insulting, those Senate rules being disregarded weren't just casual, half-hearted statements. They were printed on computer paper with American ink.

The Senate has also learned it cannot rely on the police to maintain order. Although some police were reportedly on the scene to turn back parents and children arriving to the Hill, nobody was doing anything to clear out those already sledding and enjoying their day.

The bloodbath continues.

Should the U.S. Senate survive this mania, it's unlikely they'll manage to get any work done as it relates to running our country and acting in the best interests of the people it represents.

Once again: Just another day at the office.

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