Derek Jeter probably can't say "I'm big in Japan" after this week. The recently retired Yankees great is in the island nation this week making a series of appearances leading up to a charity baseball game featuring him and fellow former Yankee Hideki Matsui.

Between now and then, Jeter is enjoying some of the sights of Japan with his model girlfriend, Hannah Davis. Among the excursions: The Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka, featuring some of the most accomplished sumo wrestlers in the world.

Jeter even had the chance to meet some of the stars, athlete-to-athlete. The only hitch was the sumo guys didn't know who Jeter was.

"I didn't realize who it was," said sumo star Chiyomaru, according to Japan Times. "You have to tell me earlier."

Another sumo wrestler, Tochiozan, was at least able to place Jeter's sport.

"He was a catcher or something like that, wasn't he?" Tochiozan said.

Not bad, Tochiozan, but still not even close.

Jeter seems to have had fun nonetheless, and also got to meet wrestling star Hakuho, who is the winningest athlete in the history of his sport.

What, you've never heard of him? Yeah, he's a real large guy, something like that.

Close enough.

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