In 2012, then-Xavier basketball player Dez Wells was kicked out of school after he was accused of rape. A settlement in the case was reached, and Wells has maintained his innocence ever since.

That did not stop Jenna and Jacque Huggins from launching a full-scale assault on him Sunday, when Wells -- who now plays for Maryland -- faced a West Virginia team coached by their father, Bob Huggins. According to numerous reports from the game, the two women were very vocal in heckling Wells over his checkered past, calling him a rapist at every opportunity.

They also continued their criticisms on Twitter:

While it might have the initial appearance of social activism or issue awareness, Jenna and Jacque Huggins put on a rather crass, undignified display that seemed more motivated by their Mountaineers support than any genuine concern they might have harbored. As their antics started to get more attention, the women grew more hostile and combative:

This isn't the first time Huggins' daughters have inserted their opinions into basketball matters. Jenna Huggins called Xavier's basketball team "bitches" after an on-court brawl in a game against Cincinnati, her father's former team -- and a school that both profess pride for.

Also, they don't care at all that the media are reporting their story -- or so they say. Here's their response to one Twitter user pointing out the coverage they're getting:


So it's safe to write them off as obnoxious homers with what is likely a very large sense of entitlement. Jenna Huggins even has a job at West Virginia as a Program Assistant for the school's business office, an appointment in which her father's prominent campus status surely played no role.

But there is one sign of regret coming from the Huggins women: Jenna has deactivated her Twitter account, while Jacque has made hers private.

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