Scott Julian and Jessica Dempsey want their wedding to be fun for everyone involved. To drive that point home, they chose a path one wouldn't normally take: The couple mailed out 'Save the Date' cards for their wedding that prominently featured New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Accompanied by the declaration, "Let's Party," the card features Belichick looking his most Belichickean: His facial expression lands somewhere between a man who hasn't slept in five days and a man capable of mailing a bomb to a daycare.

But it's hilarious nonetheless, and it caught the attention of the Patriots organization this week.

On their wedding website, Scott and Jessica offer a timeline of key events in their relationship, starting with the first time they met at a Fourth of July party in 2011. Jessica approach Scott and asked if he was wearing a Donte Stallworth jersey, to which Scott corrected her: it was, in fact, a Laurence Maroney jersey.

That's the kind of connection only two Patriots fans could make.

The following January, Jessica and Scott attended the Patriots-Ravens AFC championship game. They had been regular friends up to that point, but as the pair explains, it wouldn't be too much longer until they became an official couple.

Now, they're ready to party. Belichick, you're invited.

Yes, Gronk. You can come too.

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