Maybe all the recent road games have taken a toll on Timofey Mozgov. The Cleveland Cavaliers center responded to a question about travel fatigue and the team's return home in a rather unusual way.

That is, he answered the question in Russian.

The reporter, who played as if she knew exactly what he was saying, showed tremendous poise in the moment, reacting as though Mozgov's response was both understandable and insightful. That probably didn't help Mozgov, who finished his long response and then moved on to the next question, unaware.

From the looks of it, someone off to the side must have told Mozgov that he had given his response in Russian. His reaction doesn't disappoint.

Afterward, the reporter asked her cameraman if they could re-do the segment. But why would you, sideline reporter? Why continue working when you've already achieved perfection?

As for Mozgov, it sounds like it's time for a nap.

But this is far from Mozgov's only memorable interview. When he had just joined the Denver Nuggets -- who traded him mid-season this year to Cleveland -- a reporter thought they'd get the center's thoughts on playing at altitude and living in Denver.

What follows is one of the more impressive stonewallings you'll ever hear:

Mozgov has been a critical addition for the Cavs this season, coming in after starting center Anderson Varejao went down with a season-ending injury. Mozgov's defense has been part of the reason for the team's spring turnaround. Hopefully a long playoff run and the postseason spotlight inspires some more great moments from this accidental viral sensation.

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