The comic book-loving, mascot-shoving Lopez brothers just got a little quirkier.

Brook, the Brooklyn Nets' center, told reporters this week that he is building a home at Disney World. No joke.

The mansion will be on Disney's Golden Oak, a 980-acre real estate development that is situated on the grounds of the theme park. Properties on this lot go for anywhere from about $2 million to $7 million. Lopez's salary this year is $15.7 million, and that figure will rise to $16.8 million next year.

Lopez says construction on his house will start in a few months and it will be complete in a year and a half.

Among other perks of living in Golden Oak, Lopez will have access to all four Disney Parks as well as free shuttle service.

"My older brother Chris sent me a link when the property development was first announced three or four years ago now," Lopez told reporters. "We joked about doing it. As it got more real and real, I just decided I wanted to do it."

Brook and his brother, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin, are true Disneyphiles who grew up in California going to Disneyland. They've been spotted several times at Disney World, and they both make it a point to visit the park when their teams play in Orlando.

While it may seem extravagant to build a multi-million dollar house on the grounds of a theme park, Lopez had a fairly reasonable justification.

"It's just my place,” Lopez said. "Obviously it’s cheaper down there to build a bigger house (than in New York)."

Lopez can opt out of his contract this summer but he has insisted he would like to remain in Brooklyn. If things don't work out in New York, perhaps he could sign on with one of these proposed expansion squads.

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