An Arizona Cardinals player committed a hit-and-run of a new sort on Monday, when he knocked down a drunk man while sprinting through a crosswalk and then continued running to evade police.

You read that right.

Most hit-and-runs involve motorized vehicles, but in linebacker Alex Okafor's case he's just a very large man recklessly bulldozing pedestrians in his path. According to the police report, Okafor was running through a crosswalk in Austin, Texas, when he ran into a drunk man, who fell to the ground.

Police witnessed the collision and only responded when Okafor continued running instead of stopping to help the man up. In fact, Okafor came face-to-face with one of the police officers.

Instead of stopping, he executed a football move: "faked left and then darted right proceeding to run southbound across the intersection," according to the report.

Okafor refused to respond to police commands for him to stop, for which he can now be charged with evading police.

Eventually, the police caught up to Okafor, although it required three of them to tackle the former Longhorns player and get the situation under control. The linebacker said he running through the crosswalk and didn't stop because he was in a rush to get to an aquarium-themed bar in the city.

Fortunately, the man struck by Okafor will not be pressing charges, which saves him a lot of legal trouble. Unfortunately, the police arrested him on grounds of evading arrest, as well as for an outstanding warrant.

The warrant, for what it's worth, relates to a past pedestrian violation.

It sounds weird to say this, but the next time Okafor hits the bars in downtown Austin, maybe he should drive.

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