Marshawn Lynch may not want to speak to the media, but he's far from camera-shy. A movie based on his life was announced this week, along with a four-minute trailer that features Lynch playing himself on-screen.

The film, titled, "Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story," will trace Lynch's journey from growing up in Oakland to becoming a star in the NFL. The movie will start in his childhood, with actor Demarea Davis portraying him in middle school. High school-aged Lynch will be played by his cousin, Davonte Lynch. One he moves on to playing college ball at Cal, Lynch will take over.

The four-minute trailer offers a pretty clear view of what the movie will look like, and what types of themes and story lines it will explore.

The production of the movie -- combined with Lynch's recent application for a trademark on his now-famous Super Bowl media day quote, "I'm just here so I won't get fined," does strengthen the argument that Lynch isn't media-averse, he's just pushing his own marketing agenda.

Lynch has managed to generate quite a bit of extra attention this season, particularly during the Seahawks' postseason run in January. Now he looks poised to cash in on the spotlight.

Although the film is currently in post-production, a release date has not yet been set.

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