Feeling Ducky? Oregon is offering the chance of a lifetime: A date with its signature mascot.

But this is an opportunity money can't buy: the only way to enter the competition for a shot at love is by swiping right on the Oregon Duck Tinder page.

That sounds a little simpler than it is. Since you can't actively seek out user accounts on Tinder, interested fans will have to spend time scrolling through other Tinder profiles before they run in to the coveted Duck.

If the promotional video above is any indication, fans can look forward to an eventful evening replete with serenading, park frolicking, and possibly some wining and dining -- hold the foie gras, of course.

It's worth noting that the contest is open to both men and women, creating intrigue into who is inside the mascot suit.

And if you're worried about getting catfished, this opportunity should come as a relief. It's unlikely an online date opportunity sponsored by the University of Oregon is going to be a hoax.

But then again, if the Duck calls you to let you know it's dying of cancer, maybe make a few phone calls to verify what's happening. Manti Te'o showed us how that love story ends, and it's not pretty.

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