It took a while -- more than 40 hours, to be exact -- but Rob Gronkowski is finally tired.

After a post-Super Bowl spree that saw the Patriots tight end fit in late-night TV, chill time at the pool, flower bouquet throwdowns and whatever seamy antics take place within the walls of the Gronk Party Bus, it's time for a nap. Gronkowski is headed back to Boston for the team's Super Bowl victory parade, and the airport offers a rare moment of quiet for a road-weary dude.

As illuminating as the NFL season was, it seems like we're learning more about Gronkowski post-football than we did all year. The man is a wild beast unleashed, but even the mightiest need to catch a cat nap every now and then.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Super Bowl: Gronk Gone Wild: Patriots Star Takes A Victory Lap