Here's something to warm the hearts of anyone who isn't extremely wealthy: Even the NBA's richest stars can't get out of shoveling snow.

After the city of Chicago was buried under 19 inches of snow over the past few days, its residents are busy restoring sanity to the streets. The fifth-largest blizzard in the city's history demanded that even the city's most celebrated citizens fend for themselves.

Perhaps Chicagoans can find strength in Derrick Rose, a former NBA MVP -- and a mega-millionaire -- who had to pull out a shovel last week to rescue his snowbound Bentley.

Not that he's complaining, but nobody will be shedding a tear for Rose -- especially when cities like Buffalo have endured three-foot dumpings during the same winter season. Nevertheless, Bulls fans are probably eyeing Rose's foot placement warily. After two major knee surgeries, is Rose's self-dependence worth the risk?

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