If you thought bowling one perfect game was hard, try throwing three in a row.

That was the feat accomplished by Hakim Emmanuel of Stoughton, Mass., who is on track to become just the 27th person to bowl a United States Bowling Council-approved score of 900.

Emmanuel, 38, had never thrown one perfect game in his career, much less three in a row. But as he recently knocked pins down on the way to 36 consecutive strikes, fantasy quickly became reality.

"Toward the end of the second 300, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if it was real and if I could do it again," Emmanuel told Bowl.com. "People stopped bowling as I entered the 10th frame of the last game, and I just reminded myself that I'd made it that far, so throw another good shot and see what happens."

Here's video of Emmanuel's final three strikes:

Since 1997 there have been 26 other games of 900 approved by the United States Bowling Congress. If approved, Emmanuel's would be the first to come in Massachusets.

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