A high schooler combines gymnastics and soccer in one incredible move that has quickly led to viral fame.

Michael Del Lewis, who attends McKinney Boyd High School outside of Dallas, is the star of a new video in which he scores a goal off a throw in. But this isn't just your ordinary toss. Lewis uses the flip throw-in, which is a move that can help a player gain momentum and power on the throw.

Lewis rockets the ball past every defender and even the goalkeeper. Check it out:

The video racked up more than four million loops within one day of being uploaded to Vine.

As many observers of this video noted, the ball has to touch a player after a throw to be considered a goal. And the opposing goalie does get a piece of the ball before it sails by him.

Lewis seems to be enjoying his newfound fame:

Apparently the goal was part of a tie game for McKinney:

A Twitter user named Daniel Patrick claims to be the goalie that let in Lewis' throw. He seems to be taking the goal in good spirits:

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