Blake Miller is the elementary school teacher we always wanted, but never had. While the rest of us refined our distaste for math through convoluted textbooks and scenarios involving the speeds of trains and the incline of wheelchair ramps, Miller is attempting to reach his students through subjects both practical and interesting.

If you are lucky enough to be a second-grader in Mr. Miller's classroom, you spend a little time each day working out a math problem built around the Memphis Grizzlies.

Judging from his Twitter feed, Mr. Miller is a huge Grizzlies fan. But where that could serve as an unproductive pastime for some, Miller has turned his passion into intellectual sustenance.

Here's Tuesday's math puzzle:

It's fair to consider that some adult readers will struggle to produce the right answer on Mr. Miller's math questions. But maybe if they'd had Mr. Miller as a teacher, they wouldn't have that problem.

You're doing God's work, Mr. Miller.

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