Rob Gronkowski has quietly made one of his dreams come true, and in true Gronk fashion, that dream has a lot to do with partying.

Two years ago Gronkowski told Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard that he would love to own a party bus one day.

And now, it appears, Gronk's bus is a reality.

The gregarious Pro Bowler is profiled this week in Sports Illustrated, and writer Pete Thamel reveals that Gronkowski's fleet of rides includes a Long Island church bus transformed into what he has nicknamed the "Sinners Bus."

The eight-seater is operated by Robert Goon, who serves as Gronkowski's "contractor, dishwasher, airport chauffeur, security guard and roommate."

Here's what Thamel wrote about the "Sinners Bus."

Goon's duties include driving and caring for the white party bus that’s parked in the driveway. Gronk bought it from a church on Long Island last summer, thoroughly renovated it and nicknamed it the Sinners Bus. It seats eight comfortably and includes hardwood floors, blinking lights and the kind of sound system one would expect from a nightclub on wheels. Goon flew to Long Island to pick it up and drive it back to Foxboro. It now doubles as an airport shuttle and a tailgate vessel for members of the Gronkowski family flying in for game weekends. "Just a normal party bus, nothing too crazy," Dan Gronkowski, Rob's older brother, says nonchalantly.

Gronkowski has a rather large family -- he is one of five brothers -- so the bus actually makes sense from a practical standpoint. But, surely, it also helps out from a celebratory standpoint. That's why people weren't too surprised to hear that one of the NFL's most notorious partiers owns the bus:

As Thamel writes, the bus represents a mature step forward for Gronkowski. Not only does this eliminate the need for cabs, now Gronkowski and his friends can enjoy themselves in the privacy of their own bus.

“You can still be having fun,” Gronk tells Thamel, “but maybe it’s in more of a setting where people don’t know what’s going on.”

Fans in Boston hoping for a glimpse of the "Sinners Bus" may catch one on Saturday if the Patriots beat the Ravens in their AFC divisional clash.

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