Rob Gronkowski is a product of his environment. What's that environment, you ask? It's more or less a totally hype, adrenaline-pumped family of muscle-rich young men raised by a patriarch whose life motto is, "Live each day to the fullest."

As you might imagine, such an environment abounds with color -- and Showtime's "Inside the NFL" has captured it all.

A promo for the upcoming show reveals insights and details so rich, one can only imagine what the full episode might reveal. Some of the teaser tidbits: The Patriots tight end bought an old church bus and converted it into a party bus that his family uses on a regular basis.

The party bus helps people get home safely after they've had a wild night, which happens often for the Gronkowskis. (Important detail: The bus is driven by a man named Goon.) The family troupe is a fixture at Patriots tailgating and holds nothing back in creating party experiences packed with all the hype there is to hype.

You may not know what that means, but the Gronkowskis surely do.

If nothing else, the Gronkowski episode of "Inside the NFL" -- which airs on Tuesdays -- should offer a wealth of entertainment to go with some new party vocabulary.

Did we mention that the hood ornament is the simple words, "Size Matters?"

That seals it: You need to watch this show.

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