Kansas basketball won Monday, but did so in excruciating fashion after blowing a 20-point lead over Oklahoma.

The letdown was a great source of frustration for coach Bill Self, who is not always the most stoic of sideline presences. As his team proceeded to wet the bed, Self grew increasingly animated and, eventually, violent.

TV cameras captured the coach throwing a left mean hook into a massive LCD screen set up along the court's sideline:

Not surprisingly, this broke the screen.

As one might guess, this fit of rage did not come out of nowhere. Self has gotten himself into hot water on the sideline in the past, including when he caused similar damage to a scorer's table during an NCAA tournament game in 2013.

Self was publicly reprimanded by the NCAA and was hit with a small fine for his outburst.

So far, the university hasn't commented on the matter.

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