This is what it's like to live with a target on your back: When people know you have a habit of getting into trouble, they're all too eager to antagonize.

The trick is managing your response. Much like gaining yards and scoring points at a professional level, Johnny Manziel has yet to learn this skill. The latest chapter in his too-long, didn't-read memoir of minor offenses is an incident in a Houston nightclub this weekend, where other patrons of the club decided to throw cups at Manziel.

The situation allegedly originated from verbal heckling of Manziel, who then gave hecklers the finger because, sure, that's the smart thing to do in that scenario. The thrown drinks forced Manziel to change out of his button-up shirt and into a black V-neck. One of his friends posted a picture to Instagram showing that the quarterback survived the incident and lived to enjoy the rest of his night:

Lit. #Justsayingg!! #StickyPromo @r_crowley @dekanhouston @jmanziel2 @coll_crowley @yesjulz

A photo posted by Jay-R (@stickypromotions) on

It's not a good look for a quarterback whose head coach and team management have basically resorted to public begging for Manziel to make smarter decisions and focus on becoming a better football player. Despite the warnings, the second chances and the less-than-successful rookie campaign Manziel just finished, he hasn't turned his promises of greater focus into actual off-the-field change.

If you're someone who brings the worst out of verbally and physically abrasive strangers, it's probably a good idea to avoid potentially problematic settings, such as nightclubs, or anywhere at two in the morning, for that matter. Also recommended: Avoid giving those strangers the bird.

At any rate, the Browns organization is keeping track of incidents such as these, and it could jeopardize their feelings about committing to Manziel for the long-term.

Surely, though, this will be the last time we read a Manziel story like this.


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