For the most part, this year's Pro Bowl was a fun affair. Odell Beckham Jr. and J.J. Watt kicked field goals. Watt spoke Spanish afterwards. A pair of opposing players (who are normally teammates) celebrated a touchdown together.

But not everyone had a good time in Arizona. ESPN's Chris Berman, for one, seemed a little ticked off about something during the game.

During the halftime show Berman was caught on camera looking a little salty. It appears something is amiss with the show's production.

Later on Berman was shown expressing his displeasure a second time.

It's unclear if these are separate or related incidents. But as we've seen before, it doesn't take much to anger Berman, as evidenced by this infamous video of a Monday Night Football outtake that he would probably like to forget (NSFW alert for language, so adjust your audio accordingly):

People on Twitter were quick to make light of Berman's fit:

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