When the officials threw David Moyes out of the team's latest match, the Real Sociedad manager found himself with some unexpected time on his hands. Time that could be spent taking in a soccer match while snacking on some delicious treats, for example.

Perhaps Moyes was also eager to flex his defiance in any way he could. We can't be sure. We what we do know is this: After he was thrown from the match, Moyes proceeded to the a barrier between the field and the stands and climbed over it.

And then he found himself a nice seat, and he sat down.

And then some fans came up and offered him a snack, which he graciously accepted.

The whole episode is caught on video:

Moyes was thrown out in a match that eliminated his team from a tournament, so there aren't many on-field consequences for what he's done. If anything, he scored a few big points with fans.

Not as good as a win, but at least it's good television.

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