Some guys carry rabbit's foots or don't wash their jock strap after a win.

Bernard Pollard's superstition is a bit more burdensome to those around him. He prefers to spend time before a football game buck naked in the locker room.

In a weekly show Pollard hosts for The Tennessean, the Titans safety fielded a fan question about his pre-game rituals. The answer was probably not what the fan expected.

"When I get into the facility, I'll go get in the hot tub, shower, then go to my locker and just sit in my jock strap," Pollard says. "I don't know what it is. I'll put my jersey on my shoulder pads -- everything's ready to go, but I just sit."

Sometimes he doesn't even bother with jock strap.

"I am a nudist."

According to Pollard, his former teammates with the Baltimore Ravens would time him to see how long these sessions lasted. One of them went a full 38 minutes.

The full video segment is here:

Pollard isn't afraid to think outside of the box. The innovator recently developed and patented his own invention: A bathroom storage space that alleviates clutter around the sink.

Perhaps he'll soon find work as a game-preparation consultant.

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