Reminder to anyone who is planning on taking their Rose Bowl ticket to the grocery store: Don't.

An Oregon couple last week was unloading groceries in the garage when they noticed a ticket to this year's matchup between Oregon and Florida State, worth $175, lying on the floor.

The couple, Dave and Kathleen Shelman, reasoned that the ticket must have fallen into their bags at the grocery store. They're actively searching for the ticket's owner. If they don't find the owner, they'll sell the ticket and donate the money to charity.

While there are still thousands of seats available on StubHub, the tickets have gone quickly among Oregon fans. The university sold out its allotment of 12,500 tickets and requested an additional 4,000.

Overall, demand for the tickets is down, and this is the first year that Rose Bowl officials have made tickets available to the general public. The stadium's capacity is 92,542.

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