When the NFL's most prolific tight end isn't delivering bone-bruising hits to opposing defensive backs or using brute force to "throw defenders out of the club," you can find him at home in bed, snuggling.

In an interview with ESPN, New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski opened up about his soft side. It turns out the man who leads all tight ends in receiving yards (997) and is second in touchdowns (10) and receptions (73) isn't so tough when he's off the field. He told ESPN's Lindsay Czarniak that he loves wearing UGG boots (the ones Tom Brady gives out for Christmas) and he still watches a certain Nickelodeon cartoon. While he's working out, of course.

"Before I go to bed, I've got to hit my situps and pushups," Gronkowski told Czarniak. "While I'm watching a TV show, I do pushups. I even watch SpongeBob still, so there we go."

Gronkowski also admitted that he likes to snuggle, and judging by his popularity with the ladies, he probably has no shortage of snuggle buddies.

Another of Gronk's favorite pastimes is dancing, and he told Czarniak that sometimes he thinks breaking it down at home helps him on the field.

"I feel like when I do some dance moves during the week or at the house, I'm quicker on my feet," Gronkowski said. "I can react quicker just from dancing."

Here's a video of Gronkowski dancing, and we'll let you decide whether you think these moves benefit him between the lines:

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