Well, this is weird: Apparently Santa Claus is a big Clemson football fan.

No, not just a fan -- an alum. He says so in a letter just sent out to Clemson football recruits.

In an odd, too-cutesy-to-be-entertaining move, Clemson decided to endear itself to potential recruits by sending a hand-written letter from Santa. In the letter, Santa shares his passion for Clemson football, his admiration for [INSERT RECRUIT NAME HERE], and his periodic conversations with Dabo Swinney.

"My old friend, Dabo Swinney, seems to be very interested in your status on the naughty or nice list," Santa writes. "Don't worry, I have let him know all of the good news concerning your recent accomplishments."

The rest of the letter is more of the same:

Maybe the most interesting detail is that Santa claims to have graduated in 1896 -- the same year as Clemson football's first season.

But the numbers raise some questions. Clemson was founded in 1893, meaning Santa graduated in just three years. It'd be interesting to know how that happened. Great results on his AP tests? Were the elves called in to do the dirty work and write his papers? Heaven forbid, was the administration paid off with toys?

Too bad he didn't stick around longer. A body like that, he could have fit in nicely at right guard.

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