Brook Lopez has the body for it, and he certainly has the desire: The Nets center wants to be a wookie in the upcoming 'Star Wars' trilogy.

As the iconic space-adventure series is rebooted, plenty of die-hard fans have been eager to snatch up cameos and bit appearances just to say they were a part of the movie.

Now, Lopez is actively lobbying to be cast in an upcoming installment.

Lopez told the New York Post that the Star Wars trailer gave him chills when he saw the Millennium Falcon again, sparking his drive to get placed in the movie.

“I really would like to get a part, like a walk-on part, in the next Star Wars movie, so, I’d like to lobby for that,” Lopez told the newspaper. "Let’s work on that. I’d like to be a wookie. I would really like to be a wookie.

"They don’t need my ugly face in there. They don't need me acting. I’m not going to blow anything, guys. C’mon, Mr. Lucas. I just want to be in the movie."

And if you're entertaining the thought that maybe Lopez isn't fully committed to realizing his dream as a wookie, think again. The man is taking action.

"When I heard about the new [Star Wars movie], I went to my agent, so you [reporters] have got to help out, too," Lopez said. "You guys think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I’m not kidding at all."

Anyone who might get in the way of this dream best step to the side now. Brook Lopez has a fever, and the only prescription is a wookie costume.

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