Here's a tip for all you college football players out there: If you're going to "live it up" on the town ahead of your team's playoff game, try not to get caught.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not boldly declare it to your coach on national television.

This lesson brought to you by Rashaan Evans, who must have been injected with truth serum just before sitting down for a light-hearted interview with ESPN. When asked about his favorite part of his football bowl experience, Evans did not have to think hard.

"Normally we don't get a lot of time off," Evans says. "The fact is, we've got a lot of time off now, so we better use all the time that we have, and just live it up."

When asked if he was sure he wanted that comment on the record, Evans thought it over for a moment -- and then nodded his head vigorously, even as one of his teammates waved his arms telling him to stop.

The rest of the glorious trainwreck is right here, via Chris Littmann of The Sporting News:

Evans' comments come just days before Alabama faces Ohio State in the inaugural College Football Playoff, with the Sugar Bowl game hosted at the Superdome in New Orleans. The freshman linebacker is only a peripheral contributor to the team, amassing just 14 tackles this season. For those modest accomplishments, he's finding a bounty of rewards on the streets of New Orleans.

No word yet on whether Alabama coach Nick Saban has had any reaction to the comments. Evans' bold declarations would seem to fall under the "true things you shouldn't say" umbrella, but we'll see if he faces any consequences for his transparency.

Give him an A for honesty, and a D for tasteful discretion.

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