To be in the presence of Tim Tebow is one thing. To be acknowledged by Tim Tebow -- that's a whole 'nother thing.

To be given cake by Tim Tebow himself? That carries a whole tsunami of emotions.

Such a tsunami was evident in one lucky woman over the weekend, who was one of many flocking to the SEC Network's broadcasting location in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Saturday. Tebow, who now works for the network, was a major draw for many fans, a large percentage of which appear to be female.

And Tebow, who's still riding the adrenaline high of being named one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive," thought to flex his good-natured charisma in the form of free cake handouts. But as he handed a plated slice to one fan, it was apparent the moment carried a heavy emotional weight:

Good on Tebow for being so gracious and offering a hug the woman wanted -- nay, a hug the woman needed.

And for his next act, Tim will be feeding 8,000 fans with a single Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake.

Compare Tebow's effect on this female fan to reactions generated by the Beatles and Elvis: