Firings are delivered in all types of forms. One method you don't see often is the "tell everyone except the people getting fired" trick.

Unfortunately, that's reality for the employees of Chicago's The Game 87.7 FM. The radio station's owners have decided to close the outlet and confirmed the move to media reporter Robert Feder.

Hosts Ben Finfer and Alex Quigley were in the middle of their talk show "Quigs and Finfer" on Thursday when they discovered the news via Feder's Twitter post.

"We’re doing a live show here," Finfer said. "And to be told this way, it’s really a letdown. We're getting screwed on this one.

"We didn’t know anything about it. We were coming back from a break and saw on Twitter from Robert Feder that the station is being taken off the air. Can you believe that? A lot of really talented people were hired to work at this station and found out through Twitter that they were fired. Nothing from the bosses."

The update anchor for "Quigs and Finfer," Julie DiCaro, made her own ambiguous post to Twitter that seems to be taking a jab at the story's reporter.

The station will officially close at the end of the year.

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