Polarizing as he is, Richard Sherman is an intelligent, Stanford-educated man. And he's had it with the NFL's double standards.

After his teammate Marshawn Lynch was fined $100,000 for refusing to talk to the media after Seahawks games, Sherman decided to take action -- smartly, of course. On Tuesday, he dragged a cardboard cutout of teammate Doug Baldwin to the podium for a Q&A session with reporters.

Sherman took the first question as an opportunity to bring up Lynch and attack the NFL in a not-so-subtle way, bringing to light the double standards to which the league holds its players.

He also brought up Beats By Dre, the maker of audio equipment that pays Sherman to endorse its products. But due to an NFL sponsorship with Bose, players are prohibited from wearing non-Bose gear to games.

"The league doesn't let me say anything about [Beats By Dre]. Why is that?" Sherman asked reporters. "That seems a little hypocritical. It seems like we're in a league where they say 'players you don’t endorse any alcohol. Please don’t endorse alcohol, please no DUIs', but a beer sponsor is their biggest sponsor."

That's just one of the subjects Sherman addresses:

Not long after, Sherman received support from at least one player via Twitter:

You know it's bad when a 49er is backing a Seahawk.

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