NBA fans have to dig a little deeper into their wallets to attend games in person this year. A new survey has found that NBA ticket prices increased by 3.4 percent over last season.

Team Marketing Report singled out the New York Knicks as having the highest average ticket price. A single ticket to a Knicks game averages at $129.38.

The Los Angeles Lakers were a distant second at $102.25 per ticket. But both of these team's prices held steady from the previous season.

The Chicago Bulls were the highest-ranking team to raise prices for this season, upping their average ticket price to $82.33. Overall, the largest season-to-season increase was done by the Los Angeles Clippers, which jacked prices almost 25 percent to an average prices of more than $78.

Given the modest expectations for the Knicks and Lakers this season, it makes sense that ticket prices did not go up. Some of the teams most aggressive in raising prices were those with lofty expectations for this season -- Chicago and the Clippers included.

Despite the increases, the NBA's average price of $53.98 is still well behind the NHL's $62.18 average.

The NFL trumps all other sports with an average ticket price of $84.43.

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