Katy, Texas, already lays claim to America's largest rice harvest festival.

Now it also owns one of the country's most expensive high school football stadiums.

Voters in this Houston suburb have approved a city bond package that includes an incredible $58 million in funding for a new high school football stadium.

The new home to Katy's high school football teams -- seven district schools will reportedly share the venue -- will seat 12,000 fans and a gorgeous video screen that they just had to have because, come on, it's like driving a Porsche without leather gloves.

Perhaps most incredible is that the approved stadium funding is a compromise from the original $70 million that was asked. That proposal, which would have built a 14,000-seat stadium, was rejected, forcing poor Katy residents to make do with this crappy $58 million model.

In fairness to Katy, though, not everyone was on board. There was a strong push to reject the $748 million bond package that the stadium funding was folded into. One prominent church in the area campaigned loudly against the bond package.

But it was all for naught, as is often the case when something chooses to challenge Texas high school football.

Hopefully Katy's new stadium fares better than Allen, Texas's Eagle Stadium, which was built at a ridiculous price of $60 million only to be condemned after just two seasons of use due to poor construction that compromised its structural integrity.

In an interesting twist, the stadium's funding received a considerable amount of support from builders and architects from far outside Texas -- as far-flung as Pennsylvania, according to The Atlantic.

It couldn't possibly be that they're all drooling at the prospect of an impending stadium boom, right?


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