Bill Raftery has been screaming about vegetables at college basketball games for decades. Now he wants to know if there's any money in it.

Raftery, who is best known as a prominent March Madness commentator, has filed trademark applications for two of his most popular catchphrases: "Onions!" and "With a kiss!"

If the applications are approved, Raftery could be in line for compensation when those phrases are used in other media, including commercials.

In the past Raftery had said he wasn't interested in staking a commercial claim to those phrases. But according to ESPN, he "recently decided to see 'what direction it goes in.'"

For those not familiar with Raftery's basketball lexicon, "Onions!" is used in reference to the presumably ample heft of a gutsy player's genitals.

"With a kiss!" is less salacious: It's Raftery's go-to phrase when a player scores a basket by banking the ball off the backboard.

For years, college basketball fans have been attending games broadcast by Raftery with bags of onions in-hand, posing for pictures with Raftery and holding them up during the games.

Fortunately, the potential trademarks won't affect Raftery's contributions to basketball's finest moments:

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