The Cy Young interview with Clayton Kershaw, it seems, is becoming a November ritual.

In three of the past four years the Los Angeles Dodgers ace has taken home the award, and after each win he sits for interviews and humbly deflects questions about his legacy.

Last year Kershaw did his interview surrounded by his childhood friends, and some observers were a bit confused by his crew:

After Kershaw this week became the first pitcher since Randy Johnson (1999-2002) to win three Cy Young Awards in a four-year span, he decided to have his buddies join him again.

"I got my posse back here with me," Kershaw said in an interview on SportsCenter. "They know they got blown up on the internet last time so they figured they should come back."

ESPN anchor John Anderson asked if any of Kershaw's friends could ever get a hit off him, and he says a few of them were his high school teammates and could have made contact back then.

Not surprisingly, Kershaw's friends were once again the subject of lots of tweets:

A few of the tweets commented on the apparent lack of diversity in the group:

Of course, the group was missing the most famous of Kershaw's childhood friends:

Kershaw went 21-3 in 2014, and despite missing more than a month of the season while recovering from a back injury, he led the majors in wins and ERA (1.77). He compiled 239 strikeouts in 198 1/3 innings and led the Dodgers to the NL West crown.

In case anyone was wondering, Kershaw's friends celebrated the huge achievement by playing ping-pong and Super Smash Brothers.

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