Brent Musburger knows all about the drinking game that fans play based on certain signature phrases he uses while broadcasting football games. He was just stunned to know that the game is still popular with the college crowd.

"It's flattering actually," Musburger told ThePostGame. "We joke about it, my boys and I. I didn't realize till you mentioned this that they still did it.

"They're still drinking to that game? I mean, 'you are looking live' causes you to grab a couple of glasses?"

There have been variations through the years, but one example of how the game is played is that everyone must drink when Musburger says, "Folks." Here's a good rundown of the rules for Brent Musburger Drinking Game from Sports Illustrated. Of course, Rule No. 1 is safety first. As Musburger says, "No DUIs afterwards, right?"

The issue of underage drinking and learning to handle alcohol responsibly is tricky for college football, given the tailgate/party mentality associated with the game. Musburger's response to this showed perhaps why at age 75 he remains popular with younger fans as he manages to cite states with legalized marijuana.

"It's not alcohol and college football," Musburger says. "It's alcohol and sports. So there's always going to be a connection. Unless you live in Colorado or Washington, and there's a brand new connection, if you know what I mean."

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