Bill Walton has always marched to the beat of his own drum.

The Hall of Fame center may be the only NBA Finals MVP to attend Stanford Law School (he never graduated). He also has, without question, been to more Grateful Dead concerts than any other NBA player. Walton has reportedly been to more than 600 of the band's shows, including one in Egypt where he played drums with the band. Walton is a chess fan, avid biker and the inspiration for a popular parody Twitter account with nearly 200,000 followers.

And while broadcasting a game this week between San Diego State and Utah, Walton dropped another tidbit that would sound crazy coming from just about anyone else.

The 62-year-old Walton told broadcast partner Dave Pasch that in the 35 years of living at his San Diego home, he has never taken an indoor shower.

So where, you ask, does Walton shower?

The answer to that question might be the large teepee outside his home. While Walton did not confirm he has a shower in the tent, it is certainly big enough for one:

Walton even has a drum set, bookcase and a legendary sound system in the teepee:

Predictably, the tweets from fans upon hearing this information were pretty funny:

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