With the New York Knicks prepping to unveil the triangle offense this season, Spike Lee thought it was important to make documentary that explains the complex offensive system to fans.

But if you ask Phil Jackson, Lee could use a crash course himself. The Knicks team president slammed Lee's basketball IQ in response to questions regarding the famed director's upcoming documentary.

Jackson, who hired Knicks coach Derek Fisher with the presumed expectation that the team run the triangle, is arguably the most accomplished coach in NBA history, with 11 championship rings between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

He's also known for speaking his mind without much reluctance. So when questioned about Lee's new film, Jackson didn't mince words.

As the premiere date for Lee's documentary approaches on the MSG Network, which funded the film, it sounds like a safe bet that Jackson won't be tuning in.

It remains to be seen how New York's most visible fan will respond. One safe bet: Whatever he does or says, Phil Jackson will not care.

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