By Jordan Rabinowitz
Lost Lettermen

If you're an Ole Miss fan, chances are you didn't have a great night on Saturday.

The 10-7 loss to LSU gave the Rebels their first blemish after seven consecutive wins to begin the season. But as upset as Ole Miss fans were at the result out of Death Valley, no one had a meltdown quite like Rebels superfan Ashley Murray.

You don't know Murray by name, but by now you've seen the video clip. which as of Wednesday morning, had 1.3 million views. She is the star of the viral YouTube video (with NSFW language) "Ole Miss fan doesn't like losing to LSU." And she really didn't like losing to LSU.

In the video, a hysterical Murray rants and raves around her kitchen, shouting about how much she hates LSU, how Ole Miss football is her life, hitting her taunting Tiger-fan boyfriend Robert with a kitchen utensil and slamming a gallon of milk down in unadulterated rage.

Like any sports fan, Murray is a three-dimensional human being who was simply caught at a vulnerable moment. Beyond these 90 seconds, she's a 23-year-old professional in the medical field who, despite not attending Ole Miss, just happens to be as passionate a Rebs fan as they come.

So what exactly happened that fateful night last Saturday and what’s it like to be an Internet celebrity?

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Murray is originally from Mississippi and her "entire family" are Ole Miss fans, but she moved 20 minutes outside Baton Rouge to be with her boyfriend. They had a party for the huge Ole Miss-LSU game that included cooking Gumbo for the guests (hence the mess on the kitchen table). Murray admits she antagonized the approximately 30 LSU fans viewing the game with her during the first half, with the Rebels taking a 7-3 lead to the break.

"Well I’m not gonna lie, I was running my mouth a little bit in the first half,” Murray said over the phone.

Perhaps she was letting out pent up frustration from being a Rebels fan in Tiger country.

"I mean, I get picked on quite a bit," she admitted.

After quarterback Bo Wallace threw a last-second interception to seal her team's fate, Murray’s boyfriend got his revenge by laughing in her face, screaming "Go Tigers!” and trying to get a selfie with her on video. The highlight of the meltdown comes when Murray screams, "I ***king hate LSU huuu!” and smashes an open milk gallon against the kitchen counter while yelling, "God damnit, I hate 'em!!"

Despite the hilarity, Murray had no clue of the Internet fame that would soon follow.

"Definitely not," Murray said. "Our friends, we always make videos like this. It’s definitely crazy."

Since Saturday, Murray’s Twitter feed (@amurray2191) has been flooded with supporters and critics, as she's learned first-hand how easy it is to become a target of negativity in the Internet age.

"It's a lot to take in, that's for sure,” she said. "There’s definitely negative people out there. It’s really a lot to take in. It's crazy."

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As for the Rebels, Ole Miss is currently No. 4 in the College Football Playoff selection committee's first rankings, and have another huge game against No. 3 Auburn on Saturday night that will have huge playoff implications.

"I think we're definitely going to have to step it up," Murray said about the rest of the season. "Death Valley is definitely a killer. We just need to redeem ourselves and come back."

If Ole Miss goes down for a second straight week on Saturday night, we have a feeling Robert will be there again with a video camera to record Ashley’s reaction. And while sequels are almost never as good as the original, a second consecutive loss that would be a crushing blow to the Rebels' playoff chances might make a follow-up reaction video of Ashley an exception to the rule.

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