Donald Trump is good at many things: Making money, grabbing news headlines, and combing his hair in such a way that you can't tell where each follicle starts or ends.

And if you didn't know any better, you'd be tempted to credit Trump as the originator of the bitter breakup. After losing a bidding war for the Buffalo Bills earlier this month, Trump ran to Twitter and launched an "I'm not sad, I'm happy!" defenses for the ages.

Trump was outbid by a group led by Terry Pegula, who purchased the Bills franchise for $1.4 billion. Trump's highest bid, meanwhile, reportedly topped out around $1 billion.

And that's bad news for Bills fans, apparently.

If you're Trump, of course, it helps to have a selective memory. That makes it easy to forget your prominent role in running the United States Football League into the ground in the 1980s:

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