Everyone's got their pet peeves. One of Kevin Durant's is when you badger him about palming a basketball.

Since Durant revealed a few days earlier that he can't palm an NBA regulation-size basketball -- he can only palm high school and women's-sized balls -- fans have been abuzz about what that means for the NBA superstar.

While the answer to that question is, "Absolutely nothing," reporters still felt it necessary to circle back around and press Durant on the issue. And the Oklahoma City forward is getting a little chippy about the attention he's receiving.

Fortunately, some people are able to take this news for what it is: Completely irrelevant to the game of basketball.

Somehow, having not-quite-large-enough-to-palm-a-basketball hands hasn't proven a significant disability for Durant. He was able to overcome his Cabbage Patch hands to score at least 25 points in 41 one straight games during his MVP-winning season, which is only the third-longest streak in NBA history.

Stay strong, Kevin. Haters gonna hate.

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