To demonstrate that words can mean pretty much whatever you want, Jimbo Fisher's son dressed as Jameis Winston for his school's "Superhero Day."

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Which is to say that, if your dad won a national championship with a certain star quarterback, then you're probably going to like that quarterback, even if he possess almost none of the traits common among superheroes or even run-of-the-mill role models.

According to Jimbo Fisher's wife, their son, Trey, wore a genuine Winston jersey to school on Thursday. And he looks super tough, too, in an adorable, pre-pubescent way.

Draped in Winston's jersey, young Trey then took off for school on his fancy scooter, which has a nifty basket to carry his most essential school supplies:

Really sweet family, those Fishers. Just humble folks who raise their kids right.

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