The catfishing trend has officially transitioned from the dating sphere to college football recruiting.

Houshun Gaines, a three-star defensive end recruit from North Carolin's Nash Central High School, formally announced last week his commitment to attend Florida.

The only problem? He didn't actually have an offer from the Gators.

Gaines claimed he was in communication with Florida assistant Brad Lawing. But the athletic director at Gaines' high school spoke with Gators coaches and they said they haven't spoken with Gaines in weeks. College coaches aren't allowed to publicly comment on recruits until they officially sign with the school.

As it turns out, Gaines was communicating on Twitter with someone he thought was associated with the program. He thought he spoke with Lawing the night before his commitment, but it turns out it must have been someone pretending to be Florida's defensive line coach.

“The (Florida) coaches said that there are so many people out there who claim to be close to the program or be part of the program, who aren’t part of the program that get in a kid’s ear,” Nash Central athletic director Michael Mosley told the Rocky Mountain Telegram. “They can’t filter it.”

Gaines had been in contact with Lawing over the summer, and the two had even met in Gainesville:

Florida expressed interest in Gaines but never made an official offer. According to Mosley, who spoke with Gators coaches, there's still a possibility that they'll extend an offer to Gaines.

Fortunately for Gaines, he appears to be in good spirits following the ordeal:

Gaines does have real offers from a handful of schools including Miami, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Boston College.