From the looks of it, Sacramento Kings rookie Nik Stauskas got bored on his team's long plane ride to China.

Stauskas and his Kings teammates on Wednesday flew to Asia, where they'll play two exhibition games against the Brooklyn Nets. With some free time on his hands, Stauskas apparently decided to admire his money.

The former Michigan Wolverines star, whom the Kings selected with the eighth overall pick of the 2014 NBA draft, was caught by DeMarcus Cousins admiring a large stack of $100 bills.


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While Stauskas did sign a two-year, $5.62 million deal with the Kings, it's more likely that this money comes from his per diem for the trip to China (you can see the envelope on his lap).

Unlike, say, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Stauskas was not vain enough to actually post the photo on any of his social media platforms. But he did retweet Cousins:

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