Despite his decision to leave Miami, LeBron James has stayed close with his former teammate Dwyane Wade. James attended Wade's summer wedding and, from the looks of it, they had a good time:


Big thanks to my guy!!!! @mistadubb for always capturing meaningful moments in my life. This picture was taken on our wedding day an hour b4 I took that walkout to become as one with my beautiful bride @gabunion. A real brotherhood goes deeper then money,rumors,sports,fame and so on. So thanks to my brothers @kevinhart4real @kingjames @cp3 and @ud40 @chrisbosh (who is not pictured here in this photo) for coming to share this moment with me. #yalllknowkevhaduslaughing #theconvoswehadwasntforeveryone #brothers #weliveindifferentcitiesbutitsalwayslovewhenwegettogether

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As for the third member of Miami's former "Big Three," well, things between him and James haven't been so cordial.

Chris Bosh told reporters this week that he hasn't spoken with his former teammate since James' decision to return to Cleveland. Bosh's Heat face off with James' Cavaliers in a preseason game this week in Brazil, and from the sounds of it, it doesn't appear like Bosh was thrilled to be talking about James:

As to whether he was looking forward to seeing James on Saturday at the game in Rio de Janeiro, he replied with a lukewarm, "Yeah ... I don't know."

Bosh and James were good friends dating back to the 2003 NBA draft when James was selected first overall and Bosh was fourth. The two joined forces on the 2008 Olympic team where they, along with Wade, first discussed how neat it would be for the three of them to play together in Miami.

After winning two titles in four seasons with the Heat, Bosh was willing to restructure his deal to help the team keep James. But James was set on Cleveland, and after shopping around a bit, Bosh decided to return to Miami. Without Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Shane Battier and James, Bosh is now one of the elder statesmen on the Heat and he says his focus is on tutoring the team's handful of new players.

"Everybody's going to hype it up, and it's going to be a big deal,'' Bosh told reporters. "But for us, it's just another opportunity to get better. We know everything that's surrounding the situation, and it is what it is. As far as we're concerned, this is our team, this is what we're trying to build toward, the past is the past, we're moving on, and it's good to get this out of the way."

While this is the teams' first high-profile meeting, the more anticipated contest between the Cavs and the Heat will come on Christmas, when James returns to Miami for the first time.

"I'm in the mode where I'm trying to lead my team, help these guys out around here," Bosh said, "If guys aren't in this locker room, I don't have much time for them -- if any."

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