A Korean politician did not handle himself well after his district lost out on the chance to have a new baseball stadium.

Kim Seong-il, a councilman in Changwon, South Korea, promptly pelted mayor Ahn Sang-soo with an egg for the decision to put the NC Dinos new stadium in Masan instead of Jinhae, the district Seong-il represents.

Here's a video of the action, set to an amusing soundtrack:

As you can see, Seong-il nails his first throw and misses the second. Hopefully the pitchers on the team in Seong-il's district have better aim than he does.

It should be noted that Seong-il came prepared for the occasion, as he was ready with the eggs once the decision came down. This is reminiscent of Terrell Owens storing a Sharpie pen in his sock just in case he scored a touchdown during a 2002 game against the Seattle Seahawks. It makes one wonder, how many politicians and athletes have come prepared for moments like these but were not able to use their instrument of choice?

Another interesting point is that the councilman just heads out the door like it's business as usual. Nobody stops him, unlike this situation involving objects being thrown at a politician:

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