Do you consider yourself a soccer fan? Would you recognize Clint Dempsey on the streets? The odds are pretty high that if you answer "Yes" to the first question, you would also answer "Yes" to the second question.

The video down below, however, would disagree. In it, Clint Dempsey walks the streets in broad daylight to ask random people questions about the U.S. men's national team and its captain, who just happens to be Dempsey himself. It's a familiar gag, so you probably know how this goes: No one recognizes the soccer star, and at least one person couldn't tell Dempsey from Landon Donovan.

Even so, it's a fun little video. Be sure to stick around for the ending.

That video brings back fond memories of a different video from the summer, when Jimmy Kimmel Live hit the streets to ask self-proclaimed soccer fans about Landon Donovan's World Cup performance.

Of course, Donovan was cut in May, before the World Cup had began. Any soccer fan would know about that, right?

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