Judging by the pictures, you would never guess that Kevin Durant and Nike were on the verge of splitting.

Perhaps it's the oversized basketball piñata, or maybe it's just the fact that Nike is trying really, really hard to prove its love for the NBA superstar who had been considering an offer from Under Armour. Whatever the case, the facts are clear: Nike threw a birthday bash for Durant, and it pulled out all the stops.

The signature item at the party was an exquisite birthday cake that featured Durant's name on the back of a Washington Redskins jersey, along with a cake sculpture of Durant's soon-to-be-released shoe with Nike, the KD7.

The jersey and shoe were set on a sheet cake decorated as the Oklahoma City Thunder's home court. All in all, it was the birthday every sports megastar deserves -- especially when that megastar spurns a 10-year contract, reportedly worth up to $285 million, to re-sign with your company.

Check out the video below to learn more about Durant's latest sneaker with Nike.

NBA Jerseys Interpreted As Soccer Kits

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